Dr. Allan Colman

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Dr. Allan Colman is a co-founder of DecisionQuest and the Director of Business Development in Los Angeles. For 30 years he has helped law firms as an advisor, speaker and workshop leader. By listening carefully to inside counsel and business executives he understands the opportunities and challenges they face during litigation.

On behalf of DecisionQuest, Dr. Colman has spoken at local and state bar associations, corporate client litigation groups, Minority Corporate Counsel Association, National Hispanic Bar Association, Federal Defense and Corporate Counsel, and Inns of Court. He has also lectured in trial advocacy programs at Hastings Law School, USC Law School and Pepperdine Law School. He has 4 books published including ‘Decision By Trial’ where he and Dr. Philip Anthony co-edited this piece published by LexisNexis.

Dr. Colman has had articles appear in Bloomberg Law, Law360, Managing Partner, Of Counsel, Managing the Law Firm and several other publications. He also writes for Thomson Reuters.

Dr. Colman holds Master’s and Doctorate Degrees from New York University