Michael E. Cobo

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Chief Operating Officer and a founding member of DecisionQuest, Mr. Cobo has over 30 years of experience in trial consulting and has been involved in over 800 cases worldwide. In addition to his administrative responsibilities at the firm, he typically involves himself in complex financial disputes, securities matters and cases involving emerging technologies. In the last ten years, he has worked on over 60 engagements specifically assisting clients with preparation for arbitration matters. This experience has yielded data from over 200 arbitrator interviews, and has allowed Mr. Cobo to forge strong relationships with senior arbitrators and retired judges.

Mr. Cobo has an extensive background in understanding the jury’s perspective. He uses his years of experience to help clients see their cases through the jury’s eyes. Using his depth of knowledge, Mr. Cobo works with trial teams to develop case strategies. He molds these strategies into compelling themes and case stories that can be presented to juries via argument, testimony and visual graphics.

Mr. Cobo aids his clients in creating compelling arguments that persuade key decision makers and juries. In addition, he is adept at simplifying complex procedures and concepts into ideas that juries can quickly understand. He has experience in working with trial teams and juries all across the country.


University of Southern California
B.S., Accounting and Marketing