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Mr. Jepsen has developed trial strategies from a social science perspective for twenty-nine years. He has provided jury research and trial consulting on several thousand civil and criminal cases in both State and Federal courts with an expertise that includes overall trial strategy, opening statements, witness evaluation and preparation, demonstrative exhibits, voir dire, verdict and damages risk analysis, and juror questionnaires. Mr. Jepsen is also a published author and frequent speaker on these issues.

Mr. Jepsen has interviewed tens of thousands of jurors and prospective jurors, and has conducted numerous juror opinion and venue surveys. He has been qualified in Federal Court as an expert regarding jury selection, communication, and persuasion and have had affidavits accepted for use by the Court, in federal and state courts throughout the country.

Mr. Jepsen is skilled in simplifying complex arguments or processes into language and concepts that jurors will remember. In addition, he frequently provides risk assessment for litigants including the research-based assessment of case outcome and damage awards. Mr. Jepsen is experienced with empirical research design and analysis, and has provided voir dire and jury selection assistance on over 800 cases.

Mr. Jepsen has authored many professional articles about jury decision making in publications such as National Law Journal, DRI For the Defense, ABA TIPS, Inside Litigation, Atlantic Coast In-House, and the FICC Quarterly. Mr. Jepsen recently authored the Jury Selection Chapter for West Publishing’s “Handling Business Tort Cases,” book. He has lectured and conducted seminars on voir dire, jury selection, and jury behavior for national and state bar associations, and for other legal education programs sponsored by organizations such as the Defense Research Institute (DRI), the American Association For Justice (ATLA/AAJ), the American Law Firm Association International (ALFA International), and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).

Bethel College
B.S., Social Science


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