mock jury

DecisionQuest’s JuryLive® service allows clients to test every aspect of their case, from opening statements to closing arguments, exhibits, testimony, witness credibility and more. With a pool of over 3 million surrogate jurors, we recruit jurors from your trial venue to mimic the unique characteristics of your actual jury pool – all online.

Replace the unknown with the known.

Any trial lawyer justifiably fears an unpredictable, or worse, runaway jury. JuryLive® allows you to learn the strengths and vulnerabilities of your case in a fraction of the time it takes to convene a traditional mock trial, with all the immediacy and impact of being in the room. With JuryLive®, you’re virtually there. You can watch a mock jury react, deliberate and reach a verdict. By working with a pool of surrogate jurors demographically similar to your potential jury pool, we are able to provide empirically-based findings to help shape your case strategy. We quickly deliver a video plus our expert analysis. By stress testing your case in advance, you replace the unknown with the known. JuryLive® is a great solution for any legal professional looking to improve their case presentation and delivery by testing their opening and closing arguments, evidence and more in a mock courtroom.

Each JuryLive® exercise includes 5 key steps to help you prepare for the real trial:

  1. Case Analysis: Our consultants work with you to analyze your case and help select the critical elements to test.
  2. Surrogate Juror Selection: Based on your venue, we recruit and select surrogate jurors from a pool of 3 million+ who match the demographic profile of jurors in your jurisdiction.
  3. Mock Jury: Watch surrogate jurors react in real time to arguments, evidence and testimony in the trial simulation.
  4. Jury Deliberation: Watch live as jurors deliberate and your trial consultant probes issues in the case.
  5. Strategic Reporting: After the session, we deliver a report including strategic recommendations and a video recording of the full trial simulation event.

Using secure video conference technology and working with experienced JuryLive® consultants, you’ll get all the insights of a full-blown mock jury trial, but with vastly less administrative complexity and expense. And because the last place you want to learn whether your arguments are effective is the courtroom, the first place you want to turn is JuryLive® – only from DecisionQuest.

DecisionQuest has been a leader in trial and jury consultancy for over 30 years. Our mission is to give our clients proven, actionable and reliable knowledge about the effectiveness of their cases, along with technology that maximizes its impact. Together, this can help you gain a winning edge. We provide a wide range of trial services, including mock jury research and consulting, legal graphics and trial technology services for law firms, major corporations and insurance companies nationwide. 

Our work includes testing and developing case strategies, witness preparation, jury selection and case presentation assistance. With over 85 physical offices across the country, plus strategically located graphic design hubs, we can responsively support all your litigation needs, anywhere. Request a consultation below!

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