DecisionQuest’s JuryLive® service allows clients to test every aspect of their case, from opening to closing statements, exhibits, testimony, witness credibility and more. With a pool of over 3 million surrogate jurors, we recruit jurors from your trial venue to mimic the unique characteristics of your actual jury pool – all online.

Replace the unknown with the known.

Any trial lawyer justifiably fears an unpredictable, or worse, runaway jury. JuryLive® allows you to learn the strengths and vulnerabilities of your case in a fraction of the time it takes to convene a traditional mock trial, with all the immediacy and impact of being in the room. With JuryLive®, you’re virtually there. You can watch a jury react, deliberate and reach a verdict. By working with a pool of surrogate jurors demographically similar to your potential jury pool, we are able to provide empirically-based findings to help shape your case strategy. We quickly deliver a video plus our expert analysis. By stress testing your case in advance, you replace the unknown with the known.

Using secure video conference technology and working with experienced JuryLive® consultants, you’ll get all the insights of a full-blown mock trial, but with vastly less administrative complexity and expense. And because the last place you want to learn whether your arguments are effective is court, the first place you want to turn is JuryLive® – only from DecisionQuest.

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