Mock Trials

Before stepping on stage, any musician, actor, speaker or other performer rehearses. If you’re a trial attorney, so should you. DecisionQuest’s mock trial service is a comprehensive, first person test of multiple aspects of your case. There is no substitute for presenting arguments, exhibits and witnesses to a panel of real, live human beings and learning from their reactions.

The place to find out how well your case works isn’t the courtroom – it’s with us.

Our mock trials are highly structured, carefully constructed simulations of multiple aspects of the real thing presented to live surrogate jurors. In this environment, clients literally put on their entire case and receive both in-depth analysis of the results and recommendations from our team of trial consultants.

If a line of reasoning works, or doesn’t, you’ll find out. If an exhibit or a witness isn’t convincing, you’ll learn that, too. From opening to closing statements, verdict and damages, it’s all weighed and measured.

But that’s just the beginning. We help pinpoint and develop the most effective case theme and story. Our consultative approach also includes working with you to enhance the delivery of your themes by, for example, preparing witnesses on the nuances of effective testimony through teaching them about the importance of posture, nonverbal cues and other details that can transform adequate testimony into something much more compelling.

And because effective courtroom communication is all about subtleties, our mock trials also include our proprietary Moment-to-Moment® computer-based measurement system. This technology puts you inside the minds of jurors by watching on screen as they instantly rate all aspects of your presentation with handheld scoring devices. By tracking how jurors react in realtime, we can spot key issues you might otherwise miss and build a winning strategy. A similar strategy can also be leveraged through JuryLive®, our online mock trial solution. Watch remotely as a mock jury reacts, deliberates and reaches a verdict.

In addition to gaining insight and data from juror feedback and interactions, our process also leverages data from our national juror research studies and collective experience to develop a persuasive strategy for your case.

Our mock trials are custom tailored to your needs. Whether a single mock trial or multiple sessions in one day, we can conduct in person or online projects, anywhere.