DecisionQuest Announces Major Expansion Across Six U.S. Cities

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — DecisionQuest, the nation’s leading trial consulting firm, today announced a major expansion to the firm’s jury consulting group with the appointment of twenty new employees nationwide. In adding to its lineup of leading trial consultants, including graphics consultants and litigation support experts, the DecisionQuest team will now extend its reach in key cities across the nation in response to growing demands for strategic jury consulting services.

With offices in ten major metropolitan centers in the United States, DecisionQuest (“DQ”) is growing its presence in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Miami. This expansion, which represents a key moment in the ongoing growth and consideration of the jury consulting profession, brings top-name professionals to the DecisionQuest team. DQ veterans as well as these recent talent acquisitions have garnered such accolades as Best End-to-End Litigation Consulting Firm and Best Jury Consultant from The National Law Journal.

“We are honored to welcome these extraordinary practitioners to the DecisionQuest family,” said Dr. Philip K. Anthony, CEO of DecisionQuest. “Their commitment to personalized service, and their decades of experience, directly support DecisionQuest’s ongoing mission to provide clients with fresh perspectives and the best-informed choices possible at every stage of the dispute-resolution process.”

DQ’s Chicago office welcomes Senior Vice President Daniel Wolfe, Ph. D., former Director of Jury Consulting at TrialGraphix. Dr. Wolfe has worked in the field since 1986 and is a recognized expert on high-profile, high-exposure intellectual property litigation as well as environmental, antitrust, and securities matters.

“I am very proud to join DecisionQuest,” said Dr. Wolfe. “The firm is a legendary strategic consultant, an integral part of the highest-profile trial teams, and simply the most experienced firm in the business. My colleagues welcome this opportunity to build on our knowledge, enhance our current and prospective client relationships, and enrich our professional affiliations.”

Joining Dr. Wolfe in Chicago are Vice President John D. Gilleland, and Business Development Manager Joan Jackson. With more than 25 years’ experience conducting empirical jury research, Mr. Gilleland provides extensive knowledge of jury behavior, including attitude change and persuasion techniques, attributional reasoning, and group decision-making processes. Ms. Jackson will oversee client relationships, sales operations, and sales training for DQ’s Chicago team.

In San Francisco, DQ is pleased to announce the arrival of Vice President Ronald Beaton. A former Senior Jury Consultant with TrialGraphix, Mr. Beaton is an expert in the utilization of pre-trial jury research to provide clients with critical feedback on case themes, strategies, evidence, witnesses, and presentation style. DQ’s West Coast expansion also brings Business Development Manager Laura Clementi to the firm’s Los Angeles office. Ms. Clementi has a proven record identifying professional service growth opportunities, monitoring revenue activity, and building brand loyalty.

On the East Coast, Director Leslie Ellis, Ph. D. joins DQ as a Director in Washington, D.C., where she will help further expand DQ’s footprint in the D.C.-Md.-Va. market. Dr. Ellis provides quantitative analysis through focus groups, mock trials, damages assessments, and venue analysis.

Edward Schwartz, Ph. D., M.S.L., will focus his practice in Boston and the Northeast. A nationally recognized jury consultant, Dr. Schwartz provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of pretrial jury behavior data drawn from interviews and focus group studies as well as mock trials and large-scale statistical analyses. He is particularly distinguished for the ability to blend the strategic focus of game theory and decision theory with the real-world insights of social psychology, thus gaining a more complete picture of how people absorb, analyze, and process information.

Finally, Director Donna Browning and Director of Business Development Marjorie Tinney join DQ’s Miami office. A former graphic artist and art director, Ms. Browning develops compelling graphics and consults with clients on presentation technology, trial preparation solutions, and persuasive methods to communicate case facts during trial. Ms. Tinney will help attorneys in the Miami region focus on case strategies and solutions.

About DecisionQuest

DecisionQuest is the nation’s leading trial consulting firm, assisting clients through the expert use of the art of persuasion – using research, visual communications, strategic communications, and social media analysis. Over the past 30 years, its principals have been retained in nearly 19,000 high-risk engagements nationwide. As providers of trial consulting and visual communications services to Fortune 1000 companies, DecisionQuest’s core capabilities include testing and developing case strategies; witness evaluation and preparation; community attitude survey analysis; jury selection; strategic demonstrative exhibits; and trial presentation assistance. DecisionQuest has more than 100 employees in 10 offices helping attorneys realize the best case scenario.