Remote Capabilities

The courtroom is our lab.

But as the need to work remotely becomes increasingly important, our products and services have kept up. Remote delivery is in our DNA – we first went online in 2005 and have been refining those capabilities ever since. Meaning that virtually everything we can do in-person can be conducted remotely. Online mock trial? Yes. Remote client viewing rooms? Yes again. Realtime jury interaction? Absolutely. With DecisionQuest, if you can’t be there, you don’t have to be there.

The courtroom. Your office. Or for that matter, a living room.
It doesn’t matter.

In our virtual world, technology continues to enable complete access to remote working capabilities. With the majority of people still working in remote settings due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are able to deliver all trial services remotely, helping to keep your cases on track. By delivering remote trial services, clients are able to leverage our robust experience and expertise for trial research, trial strategy and analysis, jury research, legal graphics and even trial technology anywhere, anytime. 

  • Remote case strategy and theme development sessions
  • Online mock trials, single or multi-session, featuring live presentations and realtime juror feedback
  • Witness preparation and evaluation for remote depositions and trials
  • Legal graphic design consultation, strategy and execution for all stages of litigation
  • Online jury research and focus groups
  • Conduct online juror questionnaire, surveys and assessments through CaseXplorer®
  • Social media discovery, consisting of research and analysis for jurors, litigants, witnesses and other subjects leveraging SocialDiscover™
  • Trial technology consulting and management for virtual proceedings