With SocialDiscover™, we exhaustively research and analyze the social media activity and attitudes of potential jurors, litigants or other subjects. Facebook posts, YouTube videos, tweets – any of these can reveal information that conventional research cannot. With over 3.7 billion active social media users worldwide, an enormous, powerful collection of insight and intel is now at your fingertips.

What can you uncover about potential jurors, litigants and other subjects?

Social preferences and viewpoints. Political or other relevant affiliations. Attitudes. Involvement in litigation. And much more. The average user posts seven items per day, so the depth and strategic value of this source of data is unmatched. And social media is often the only place this knowledge emerges. We’ll help find it.

When you need to make decisions about which juror to impanel, the veracity of a litigant or simply need additional insight and perspective on a case, leave no stone unturned with SocialDiscover™.

Unlocking data within social media sites may uncover the evidence or key fact that you may have been looking for to bolster your case. But finding this information isn’t always easy and should be left to the professionals for thorough and defensible results.

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