Legal Graphics

Every case is stronger when presented visually. And nobody creates persuasive graphics better than DecisionQuest.

We don’t just create images – we can build visual case strategies for every phase of litigation, including motion practice, hearings, meetings and trial. From powerful animations and timelines to the visual presentation of tutorials that make complex case details or evidence clear, our litigation graphics team delivers strategic graphics that can give your case real, memorable impact – and help you gain a winning edge.

By expertly aligning litigation graphics with the key themes in a case and using behavioral science, color sciences, 3D animations, 2D animations and other tools to build images, we provide clients with a critical competitive advantage where it counts – in the courtroom. A persuasive visual strategy can reinforce your client’s position, support the key themes of your case and increase comprehension and retention. With over 6 million (and counting) graphics produced, DecisionQuest has the experience our clients have come to rely on.

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Legal Animation

To communicate intricate or critical information, there’s no substitute for top-quality 3d animation. DecisionQuest’s skilled animators work closely with your trial team and use 2D and 3D graphics, 2d animations and 2d graphics plus cutting-edge computer technology to build compelling, full-motion animations that tell even the most involved story with clarity and impact.


Whether it’s an intricate medical device, a vehicle accident or an organizational chart, DecisionQuest has created literally millions of illustrations that make things clear in an instant. Our illustrators cut straight through complexity and explain your argument in a single, instantly comprehensible image that fact finders immediately understand – and remember.

trial graphics


When created by design experts, visual timelines are highly effective for clearly communicating the sequence of events your case depends on. Our litigation graphic designers use a variety of approaches – from over/under to illustrative to data-driven. We tailor timelines to your case, your facts, evidence and your strategy, providing lucid, powerful depictions of what happened and when.

Interactive Tutorials

In complex cases, education and persuasion often go hand-in-hand. And nothing educates more effectively than an interactive tutorial. Tutorials walk the viewer, step-by-step, through complex procedures, intricate processes, transactions and can serve as an enhancement to expert testimony. They teach, clarify and help ensure that the viewer understands the most complex concepts.

Photography & Videography

When your case depends on showing your viewers exactly what you’re talking about, DecisionQuest’s photo and video team can make it happen. We’ll create either still photographs or compelling video, using special effects, transitions, 3d animations, 2d animations, titles, voiceover narration and audio overlays to create anything from day-in-the-life videos to reenactments to capturing events as they happen. Using existing photos and videos, we can also highlight exactly what you want viewers to focus on for maximum impact.

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