Jury Consulting & Research

The courtroom is not the place to learn what works. Our jury research services and consulting services provide a look into the forces that shape your trial. You’ll develop a nuanced, strategic picture of what’s working, what’s not and why.

Our strategy development research and analysis will help you identify the concepts and themes that resonate most, based on empirical data. The result is a powerful story. Precise arguments. And confidence in your case.


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Mock Trials

The closest thing to an actual trial, mock trials give you unparalleled insight into how a real jury reacts to arguments, witnesses, exhibits and more. Guided by our jury consultants and leveraging our Moment-to-Moment® platform, DecisionQuest mock trials give you the insights and impact of a live, custom-formulated panel. Run one or multiple sessions per day, online or in-person and refine your trial strategy.

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Additional Trial Services

DecisionQuest offers an extraordinary range of targeted capabilities that deliver our expertise exactly how and when your case demands it. Our trial preparation capabilities range from voir dire consulting to jury selection assistance, shadow juries, trial venue evaluation research and more. Whether you need help with witness preparation, nailing your opening statement or closing argument, or analyzing potential damages, we can support you with a full suite of research, analysis and strategy solutions to help you gain a winning edge.

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See how surrogate jurors react to every element of your case – online. Using a secure virtual platform, observe in realtime how every aspect of your case is received. You can watch a mock jury react, deliberate and reach a verdict. At a fraction of the time it takes to convene a traditional mock trial, JuryLive® lets you easily put your case to the test at a price that nearly every case can afford.

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Use online polls and surveys to bring the precision and insights of jury research within your budget. CaseXplorer® polls a representative sample drawn from a pool of over 3 million online surrogate jurors in your venue, or nationwide, giving you insights, reactions and biases – all without leaving your office. By surveying a surrogate juror pool that looks similar to your potential jurors, our team can provide quantitative predictions of whether a jury may be pro-plaintiff or pro-defendant.

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Social media is an enormous, but mostly unmeasured, influencer. Not anymore. With SocialDiscover™, DecisionQuest researches litigants, claimants, witnesses and other subjects, revealing online activity, attitudes, beliefs and habits. With our social media research service, we can gather evidence and relevant information that can help you shape your case.

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