Trial Technology

These days, the question isn’t “will I use technology to present my case.” It’s “what technology will I leverage” and “who will manage it for me.” When you need technology to deliver your case, DecisionQuest delivers for you.

One way or another, assembling and presenting your case requires technology. Maybe it’s creating video clips. Or establishing and managing a trial presentation database.  Even conducting a complete trial virtually. Trial technology is far more than simply providing… well, technology. It’s also about an incredible level of service and absolute professionalism (particularly under pressure). It’s about working with professionals who know courtroom procedure and are familiar with the pressurized environment. When your trial tech partner is DecisionQuest, there’s only one thing you need to remember: we’ve got it handled.

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In the Courtroom

Our trial technicians have over 6,000 days of experience in the “hot seat” in both state and federal venues nationwide. From providing on-demand access to documents, transcripts, videos, graphics and more, to performing seamless on-the-fly document annotations, we work to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

In the War Room

Behind the scenes, DecisionQuest updates and manages the trial presentation database, prepares document highlights and annotations, edits deposition video/audio clips and runs through presentations with the trial team. We help keep your team ready.

Pre-trial Preparation

Need a roadmap? Our team of expert consultants chart the path, taking into consideration courtroom logistics, equipment recommendations and more. We create the trial presentation database, load all documents and graphics, create clip designations and more.

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