Legal Animations

Whether it’s depicting a medical procedure, replicating an object that no longer exists, presenting multiple perspectives or simply explaining a complex mechanism, there’s no substitute for animation in making things clear. At DecisionQuest, we work with your team to create motion-driven visuals – bringing your case to life.

Legal animations are effective tools in communicating complex and critical information both inside and outside of the courtroom. They are used as visual aids to clarify an expert or witness’ description of an event or process. Our team of experienced and skilled animators uses cutting-edge technology to create full-motion 2D and 3D animations that help tell a convincing and impactful story to the jury.

As a leader in strategic trial consulting for over 30 years, DecisionQuest provides the experience and expertise needed to create a persuasive visual strategy for your case. Ranging from automobile accident recreation to showcasing delivery techniques of child birth, we can help provide the visual support you need. Not limited to just legal animations, DecisionQuest also offers other trial graphics including interactive tutorials, illustrations, visual timelines, photography and videography services. Take a look at some of our portfolio below.

See more samples of our legal animation work and other litigation graphics

Legal Graphics Portfolio