On-Demand Webinar

Current Events and the Courtroom:
How Jurors Respond to Cultural Crises

History proves that major world events impact juror attitudes. The 2008 recession shifted viewpoints regarding big corporations, while the 9/11 attack framed new levels of sympathy. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic brings its own attitudes and beliefs to the table which demand a close look plus an updated strategy to prepare for upcoming cases. Join us for a roundtable discussion featuring top litigators and social scientists who break down current juror attitudes and provide you with insight around:

  • Historic trends – highlighting how juror attitudes pivot with major events and what it may mean for your upcoming cases
  • Current events – diving into research around both the open-arms attitudes and skepticism regarding big corporations, doctors and scientific data
  • Jurors’ cognitive load – citing the abnormally high stress levels of the pandemic and ways to alleviate anxiety, stabilize stressors and encourage engagement from jurors