On-Demand Webinar

Sexual Harassment: How the #MeToo Era Might Impact Your Jury

Over the past year, sexual harassment in the workplace has gone from something that was rarely discussed to a subject that often leads the nightly news.

In the wake of the “Weinstein” and countless other scandals, workplace sex harassment is now top of mind for many Americans, which means that jurors’ attitudes have changed as well. You might be surprised at the landscape in the current era.

So what has changed? DecisionQuest, the nation’s leading and most scientific jury research firm, has collected data on juror decision-making in sex harassment cases for many years.

We recently conducted a poll of 1,093 potential jurors to find out what might be different in the wake of the media frenzy. The data is compelling. For example:

  • More than 67% follow media and social media reports on sexual harassment
  • More than 77% believe that most sex harassment lawsuits are justified
  • Nearly half say that they themselves or someone close to them has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. This number has more than doubled since 2008

What does this mean in the courtroom? – Ms. Fillicho will discuss what this means for your courtroom practice and present additional data points from DecisionQuest’s survey.

Educational Objectives:

  • How jurors are rethinking their attitudes about sex harassment in the workplace
  • Whether jurors believe that companies are doing enough to combat the issue
  • Which strategies during jury selection and trial might be successful in the current environment