On-Demand Webinar

Tips from the Trenches:
Practical Considerations and Best Practices for Remote Arbitrations

Just a year ago, conducting remote depositions and trying cases virtually was a far-fetched idea for most legal professionals. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, huge strides have been made in the adoption and acceptance of remote proceedings as everyone has been forced to consider various methods to keep the wheels of justice turning.

Over the past year, one trend that has become increasingly popular is that of the remote arbitration. While remote arbitrations have become more commonplace, they can pose challenges such as technology hiccups and cognitive overload for the arbitration panel.

How can you overcome these potential hurdles and set yourself up for success?

In this webinar, top litigators will share insight into how they’ve successfully prepared for and conducted remote arbitrations. Joined by a senior jury research consultant and our Director of Trial Technology, the panel will address common challenges and share advice for your next remote arbitration.