Ann T. Greeley, Ph.D.

Vice President

Northeast Division

Ann Greeley has been a psychologist and trial consultant for 30 years and is currently the Vice President of DecisionQuest’s Northeast Division. She has consulted on over 1,000 civil and criminal cases in more than 100 federal and state jurisdictions throughout the country. She has conducted extensive pre-trial research including traditional in-person mock trials and focus groups, online jury research, online and in-person surveys, in-person and remote witness preparation, jury selections and post-trial interviews and consulted on online and in-person mediations, arbitrations and bench trials. She has worked in venues in most of the 50 states and territories, including Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Dr. Greeley has worked on intellectual property, product liability, antitrust, white collar, commercial, employment, insurance coverage, environmental, personal injury, including sexual assault and abuse cases, and medical, accounting and legal malpractice cases, many of which have been high stakes. She has written extensively on jury research, witness preparation and jury selection as well as diversity issues in the courtroom and most recently, the psychology of jurors in the COVID-19 era.


  • Adjunct member of the ABA (Litigation and Intellectual Property)

Select Publications: 

  • Greeley, A.T. (2020). “Psychology of Jurors in the Age of Coronavirus,” DecisionQuest.
  • Greeley, A.T. (2020). “Maximizing Witness Preparation in Remote Depositions in Civil Cases,” DecisionQuest.
  • Greeley, A.T. (2016). “How Do I Trust Thee? Let Me Count the Ways: Attorney Credibility in the Courtroom,” Litigation.
  • Greeley, A.T., Matson J.V. (2012). Effective Expert Witnessing. Chapter entitled, Psychology of Expert Witnesses,” and video, CRC Press, fifth edition.
  • Greeley, A.T. (2010). “Understanding Jury Psychology Through Research: A Powerful Technique for Your Trial Preparation Arsenal,” ABA Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, in the Brief, Vol. 39, No. 3.

Select Speaking Engagements: 

Dr. Greeley frequently speaks at national ABA meetings including the Litigation Section and Women in the Law, as well as many other groups such as the Litigation Counsel of America, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, law firms and Inns of Court.


Southern Illinois University
Ph.D., Psychology

Southern Illinois University
M.A., Psychology

Pennsylvania State University
B.A., Psychology

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