Carrie Mason

Director of Research

Carrie Mason is an expert in developing and implementing winning trial strategies based on jury research. Experienced in every aspect of trial consulting, she specializes in jury selection, in-court trial monitoring and feedback, witness preparation and pretrial jury research. She also advises on and prepares witnesses for mediations, arbitrations and bench trials. In her 25 years of consulting, Carrie has worked on a wide variety of cases, with a focus on patent, antitrust, toxic tort, contract, securities and employment matters. She has extensive experience in high profile civil and criminal trials, including Waymo v Uber, VLSI v. Intel, US v. Martha Stewart, People of California v. Scott Peterson and Commonwealth v. William Cosby, Jr. (2017 trial).

Carrie leads workshops on voir dire technique and jury selection strategy, and teaches CLE seminars on jury selection, witness preparation, pretrial jury research and general trial tips and strategy. She has spoken on panels for the American Business Trial Lawyers, Practicing Law Institute and West Legal Education Center.

In her past life, Carrie was a food and music writer and college English teacher.


San Francisco State University
Graduate Study of English Literature

University of California, Davis
B.A., English Literature


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