General Attitudes Towards Corporations With Geographical Breakdown

DecisionQuest’s National Juror Attitudes Survey Report: Attitude Towards Corporations: Geographic Breakdown is designed to provide litigators and their clients with insight and analysis about jurors and their opinions of corporations, highlighted by some major differences based on geography.

The data we present tells a story of jurors in certain areas having a lot of faith in corporations and their willingness to do business fairly, while in other areas they believe more strongly in conspiracy theories and unfair business practices. The ability to differentiate can often be the difference between winning and losing at trial.

Key Takeaways

  • Jurors in some cities, like Miami, have a much for favorable view of corporations than others, such as Seattle
  • Washington, D.C. has the lowest percentage of jurors who believe that conspiracies between business people are commonplace
  • In some locations more than half think that it’s “OK” that large companies will not hesitate to break a business agreement if it benefits them