ADR Strategic Consulting

Alternative Dispute Resolution, which includes both arbitration and mediation and is commonly referred to as ADR, can often be a preferred option to the rigidity, public nature, duration, and expense of a jury or bench trial. DecisionQuest’s team of social scientists, communication specialists, psychologists, and graphic consultants recognize the substantial differences and opportunities that exist between an arbitration and traditional court proceedings, as well as strategic advantages offered by mediation.

With decades of experience working on cases heard by both public and private tribunals and a depth of information gained through scores of surrogate arbitrators, DecisionQuest is uniquely situated to assist counsel and their clients in devising the best game plan.

Whether your dispute is domestic, cross-border or international – our ADR experience can provide innovative strategic recommendations to give you the decisive edge.

Research and Theme Development

Visual Communications

Presentation Technology

strategic-graphicsThirty Years of Experience:

• Antitrust
• Auditing
• Banking and Finance
• Class Actions
• Contracts
• Intellectual Property
• International
• Labor &  Employment
• Malpractice
• Medical Devices
• Pharmaceuticals
• Product Liability
• Professional Liability
• Real Estate
• Securities
• Trade Secrets


Let DecisionQuest’s team of ADR consultants help validate alternatives to traditional trial or bench litigation. Give clients the ability to see the benefits of arbitration and mediation. For additional information, please contact Les Weinstein at 310.618.9600 or fill out the form below to learn more.