Leslie Ellis, Ph.D.

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Dr. Leslie Ellis is a Director in DecisionQuest’s Washington, D.C. office. Dr. Ellis has been conducting research on jury and judicial decision making for 22 years and has consulted on hundreds of cases. She works with attorneys and expert witnesses on high-risk and complex civil cases to develop themes and trial strategies, witness preparation, voir dire, and jury selection. Utilizing her strong research background and many years of investigating how jurors and juries make decisions, she provides quantitative and qualitative analysis through focus groups, mock trials, damages assessments, and venue analyses. Dr. Ellis’s research interests include the dynamics of the jury decision-making process, the relationship between juries’ liability and damages decisions, how juries decide damage awards, jury reform, and minority representation on juries.

Dr. Ellis has been involved in a wide range of high-stakes and high-profile cases, including securities fraud, accounting/auditing fraud, False Claims Act, antitrust, intellectual property, insurance, mortgage fraud, white collar crime, contract, toxic tort, products liability, class action and employment matters. Dr. Ellis is a frequent speaker on the topic of juror decision making.


University of Illinois, Chicago
Ph.D., Social Psychology

University of Illinois, Chicago
M.A., Social Psychology

Northwestern University
B.A., Psychology