Steven Rushefsky

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Mr. Rushefsky is trained in the psychology of visual perception as well as in art and graphic design. His 18 years of experience as a graphic artist includes creating graphics for physicians in their Continuing Medical Education. At DecisionQuest, he creates visual strategies that explain complex information to judges, juries and other key decision makers. He asks probing questions of the trial team and expert witnesses and then builds compelling graphic presentations which support case themes.

Mr. Rushefsky began and developed the New York graphics studio into its present state-of-the-art technology and design/production facility. The studio produces courtroom exhibits in a range of media from static boards to animation and CD-ROMs.

With over 200 cases to his credit, Mr. Rushefsky has the unique ability to understand complex issues as well as their context in the litigation environment. His experience has built a keen knowledge of IP cases (particularly complex patent cases) product liability cases (specifically in the pharmaceutical industry) and complex financial cases (involving securities).


Binghamton University
B.A., Studio Art