The Litigation Lifecycle®

DecisionQuest is the most experienced trial consulting and strategic communications firm in the country. The principals of DecisionQuest began their careers in the field of trial consulting over thirty years ago and have been retained on more than 19,000 high-risk engagements in all 50 states and several foreign countries. Some of their earliest experiences focused on cases involving allegations of federal antitrust violations on behalf of corporate defendants. In the late seventies and early eighties there were a multitude of antitrust cases in the food processing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, computer hardware, and raw materials industries in which our principals had an opportunity to be involved. By the mid-eighties, intellectual property litigation in which there were also allegations of antitrust violations became commonplace, particularly in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry sectors. Again, the principals of DecisionQuest were selected as the primary trial consulting service providers for the majority of the important cases of that era.

From those early beginnings, DecisionQuest has evolved into a full service litigation support firm offering a complete complement of services to trial lawyers and their corporate clients who are typically seeking services in all areas of the “litigation lifecycle.”

From initial filing of the case through the completion of the trial process and verdict or decision, our firm is capable of providing services throughout the entire litigation lifecycle. Primary services and expertise include document scanning and coding, preparation of e-briefs, document management, pre-trial jury research, change of venue analysis, bench and arbitration studies and preparation, witness preparation, visual communication design including full length movies, 3-D animation, electronic presentation, demonstrative exhibits, courtroom technology support, crisis communication, strategic communication, and litigation public relations.

DecisionQuest has dedicated years to developing a nationwide presence and infrastructure, enabling us to provide the most comprehensive level of service found within our industry. With 100 professionals located in 10 offices throughout the nation, DecisionQuest is prepared and capable of providing complete coverage and service in any litigation environment on a moment’s notice.