At the end of your case, you know what worked and what didn’t. The smoke has cleared, revealing which arguments, themes, strategies and evidence were most persuasive and which worked against you.

If there were a way to know that earlier-much earlier-why would you prepare a case any other way?

For more than thirty years, the principals of DecisionQuest have been retained in high risk, high-stakes litigation spanning a wide range of industries-more than 19,000 cases in all. From 10 offices and graphics studios, 100 DecisionQuest professionals assist trial teams and in-house counsel in all 50 states and in foreign jurisdictions.

We conduct social science based research in advance of trial with surrogate jurors from the community in which the trial will be held in an effort to assist the trial team in identifying themes and strategies which will be effective in helping the client to prevail at trial. We also design and produce all forms of demonstrative exhibits, assist with witness preparation, assist with jury selection and related issues, sit through trials to offer advice, and provide courtroom technology for use at trial.

Wherever your case stands now-whether you’re assessing potential litigation or preparing your opening statement to a jury-we bring a fresh perspective that results in better-informed choices about strategies and tactics at every stage of the dispute-resolution process.

We welcome the opportunity to share this perspective and the tools we’ve developed to help you create the best case scenario.