Trial Presentation Technology

DecisionQuest’s Trial Technology Specialists are devoted exclusively to your team for the duration of trial, attending to all the details of your presentation needs. They are accustomed to walking into high-pressure environments and providing complete support in the courtroom and war room.

“Our Trial Techs are “hot seat” experts seasoned in the demands of trial and the nuance of courtroom protocol and procedure.”

In the Courtroom

  • Experienced in state and federal venues nationwide
  • Provide on-demand access to documents, transcripts, videos, photos, graphics and animations
  • Responsive to “off script” changes during trial
  • Perform seamless, on-the-fly document highlights, annotations, and side-by-side comparisons

In the War Room

  • Update and manage trial presentation database
  • Prepare document highlights and annotations
  • Run through presentations with trial team
  • Edit deposition video and/or audio clips

Pre-trial Preparation

  • Survey courtroom, provide equipment recommendations and set-up
  • Create trial presentation database
  • Scan/load documents and graphics
  • Synchronize deposition video to transcript
  • Create clip designations


Let one of our expert trial technology consultants help take the hassle and complexity out of arguing your case. Use our expert services to manage on-demand access to documents, transcripts, videos, photos, graphics & animations, and more during court proceedings and in war-room sessions. Simply fill out the form below to get started!