Trial Consulting

Introducing DecisionQuest: Trial Strategy Video Series   

At DecisionQuest, trial research is more than picking jurors. It’s about how jurors think. Our job is to arm you with an understanding of what, why and how the decision makers are thinking as your case evolves.

Our research reports and graphic designs are full of specific ideas and strategies for presenting your case, rather than a rehash of data collected. And our in-depth understanding of community attitudes informs settlement negotiations, sharpens discovery strategies and improves the drafting of initial pleadings.

When you understand what decision makers think about your case, and how they reach their decisions, you make more informed choices about strategies and tactics – at every step of the Litigation Lifecycle®.

Venue Evaluation Research

Venue Evaluation Research tests the attitudes of jury-eligible citizens in the venues most likely to be available in potential litigation. Cross-matched with our analysis of decision patterns in similar cases, venue research yields a short list of preferred venues.

Bench Study or Arbitration Panel Study

Bench Studies and Arbitration Panel Studies zero in on the strongest and weakest arguments of both sides. The result: a precise assessment of the effectiveness of your arguments and a critical evaluation of the presentation of evidence and graphics prepared by your trial team.

Damages Analysis and Control Research

Damages Analysis and Control Research-help you understand how jurors perceive the most critical issues and elicit their evaluations of potential damages and provide invaluable information that can prevent your taking a case to trial that should be settled, or settling at too high a figure.

Initial Case Assessment

Initial Case Assessment provides a fast and effective way to gain an objective assessment of your case.

Jury Profiling Research

Jury Profiling Research produces the most effective voir dire questions permitted in your venue.

Opening Statement Study

An Opening Statement Study measures the impact of opening statements by placing surrogate jurors in court or reading the transcript to them.

Post-Trial Analysis

A Post-Trial Analysis provides detailed insights into how juries are likely to react to similar arguments and graphics in pending cases or in serial litigation.

Post-Trial Jury Interviews

In-depth Post-Trial Jury Interviews provide valuable issue-by-issue insight into the factors that influenced the jury’s decision.

Shadow Jury

A Shadow Jury is monitored during proceedings and interviewed intensively each evening. Their reactions and opinions provide invaluable feedback on the effectiveness of your presentation and the dynamics of trial-allowing you to address areas of confusion on the next trial day.

Solution Generating Research

Solution Generating Research identifies which arguments, evidence and individuals will be most persuasive to the triers of fact.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development revisits earlier research in light of the jury selected and late-breaking developments in the case.

Strategy Development Research

Strategy Development Research tests case strategies and themes until you are confident you have developed the most persuasive story possible. Arguments are finely tuned by analyzing the Moment-To-Moment™ responses of surrogate jurors. The process also sharpens discovery strategies and informs ongoing settlement efforts.

Witness Evaluation Research

Witness Evaluation Research auditions possible fact and expert witnesses in front of surrogate jurors and helps polish their presentations before they are deposed.


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