Litigation Graphics & Consulting

“We are retained by major corporations and leading law firms because we are strategic, creative, experienced and responsive.”

Great litigation graphics inform and educate. They capture the fact-finder’s attention facilitating understanding and retention. Well-designed images coalesce with the case story creating advocates in the jury box.

For 30 years, DecisionQuest has created innovative, insightful, winning litigation graphics for use at trial. Our consultants know what resonates with jurors and, by collaborating with your trial team, design graphics considering the type of information, desired take-away, presentation medium, presenter preferences and style, audience and setting.

Type of information – Tutorial, conceptual, timeline, documents, audio, video

Desired take away – Simplify, educate, contrast, summarize, emphasize, persuade

Medium – PowerPoint, static, interactive, animation, video

Presenter – Attorney, fact or expert witness

Audience – Judge, jury, arbitrators, mediators, clients, other decision makers

Setting – Trial, hearing, arbitration, submission to court.

Legal Graphics

“We’re experts in the development of trial graphics that are engaging, concise and memorable, making your arguments more persuasive and easier to understand.”


DecisionQuest will advise you on the most effective means of presenting your evidence visually, whether your case requires one powerful demonstrative or a series of persuasive graphics.

PowerPoint is an effective tool for opening and closing as well as to support expert testimony. Our expertise extends well beyond bullet points to design and create memorable illustrations, graphic elements, animated builds and other techniques for implementing powerful multi-slide presentations.



Legal Animation

“Animation can recreate an event or place the viewer’s eye where it otherwise could not go.”

DecisionQuest’s animators are skilled at working with trial teams and experts to create compelling legal animations that are effective in communicating information more easily with the use of movement. Using a combination of 2D and 3D graphics and the latest computer animation techniques, our animators create captivating visuals that showcase the strengths of your case.





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