Legal Graphics

“We’re experts in the development of trial graphics that are engaging, concise and memorable, making your arguments more persuasive and easier to understand.”

DecisionQuest will advise you on the most effective means of presenting your evidence visually, whether your case requires one powerful demonstrative or a series of persuasive graphics.

PowerPoint is an effective tool for opening and closing as well as to support expert testimony. Our expertise extends well beyond bullet points to design and create memorable illustrations, graphic elements, animated builds and other techniques for implementing powerful multi-slide presentations.

Flash makes our graphics come to life with movement and interactive menus that provide access to multiple layers of data and information.

Static Boards have staying power and can be placed on easels for the decision makers’ reference during your presentation. Timelines are often effective as exhibit boards.

Magnetic or Write-Erase Exhibit Boards allow you (or the witness) to reveal or add information at your own pace and interact with the decision maker(s).

Sample Legal Graphics

260 261 262
263 264 265
266 267 268
269 270 326
327 328 329
330 331 332
373 374 375
376 377 389
390 391 392
393 394 395
396 397 398
406 407 408
409 410 411


Let one of our expert consultants walk you through a sample trial-graphics engagement. Use our litigation graphics to help explain complicated concepts to the jury and make your arguments more persuasive and easier to understand. Simply fill out the form below to get started!