“A tutorial distills complex information into terms that a layperson can comprehend. Even judges need help to understand science or technology beyond their areas of expertise.”

DecisionQuest’s tutorials have been instrumental in charting the course on complex cases and making a real impact on the decision maker’s understanding of the issues.

Whether your tutorial requires 2D, 3D or interactive programming, we create compelling tutorials that break down the intricacies of the subject matter into something easily understood by the trier of fact.

Tutorials are often used in:

  • Markman hearings
  • Technology hearings
  • Opening statement
  • Trial
  • Arbitration and Mediation

Tutorials are often used for:

  • Intellectual property cases
  • Product liability or personal injury cases
  • Complicated financial transactions
  • Accounting, medical and professional malpractice cases
  • Supporting expert testimony

Sample Tutorials

eminent Grading Process Water Intrusion
Insurance 101 Volume Concept heart


Let one of our expert consultants walk you through the process of creating a tutorial asset. Present the facts of your case in perspectives jurors and judges can comprehend, and create a learning environment that makes your arguments easier to understand. Simply fill out the form below to find out more.