Visual Communications

Our approach is strategic.  We specialize in learning your case, finding the story within, and working with you to develop a visual strategy that uses engaging, concise, and memorable images.  The recommendations we provide reflect the importance of clarity, consistency, and the perceived relevancy of your case story.

Design expertise.  DecisionQuest will advise you on the most effective means of presenting your evidence.  The latitude inherent in the ADR setting affords us the opportunity to make your arguments more persuasive and easier to understand through the use of visuals.

Depth of experience.  Years of arbitration and judicial studies guide us. Our professionals understand the nuances of presenting to a variety of decision makers in non-traditional settings.  Our wealth of experience from both the claimant and respondent perspectives gives us insight into how your opposing counsel might approach the case.

Case Study.  Renowned muralist, Kent Twitchell, is most famous for his larger-than-life mural portraits, often of celebrities and artists.  Twitchell’s art is considered realism (rather than “photorealism”) and he has installations worldwide – including several located in Southern California.

One of Twitchell’s most prominent murals was the landmark 6 story high Ed Ruscha Monument celebrating the well-known Los Angeles-based Pop artist.  Twitchell spent 9 years on the mural and considered it his “Mona Lisa.”  For nearly 20 years, Angelenos enjoyed the mural, which was painted on a federal government owned building.  In 2006, in a shocking act of desecration, the mural was painted over without any advance notice or warning to the artist, so that he might have had an opportunity to move this irreplaceable artwork.

Twitchell sued and the matter went to arbitration.  DecisionQuest prepared a short video to convey the magnitude of the loss, as well as Twitchell’s reputation in the art world and his painstaking artistic process.  The case was settled for $1.1 M, believed to be the largest awarded under the federal Visual Artists Rights Act or the California Art Preservation Act, both of which prohibit desecration, alteration or destruction of certain works of public art without notifying the artist to allow the artist the option of removing the artwork.

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