Strategic Research and Theme Development

Like judges, arbitrators and mediators bring their perspectives and biases to your proceedings. While engaged to be neutral, individual perspectives can and do influence decisions in unexpected ways. Additionally, a panel of arbitrators can create a more complex dynamic that can dramatically impact your outcome.

DecisionQuest has extensive research experience for clients involved in arbitration tribunals. Tapping into our database of over 3,000 retired judges, arbitrators and lawyers, we select surrogate neutrals to participate in a specially designed research exercise. Our professionals consider how a single neutral, or a panel, process information – and how it is filtered through individual attitudes, values and experiences. We are particularly sensitive to what arbitrators understand, where they seek more information, and what evidences or themes resonate most effectively.

DecisionQuest utilizes proper case specific research methodology to identify the less than obvious strengths and vulnerabilities of your case. We make strategic recommendations that can define your arbitrator’s qualifications, most effectively present your case story, and mitigate undue risk.