DecisionQuest Unveils New Website Highlighting Experience and Expertise Across Jury Research and Consulting, Legal Graphics and Trial Technology

Houston, Texas // August 7, 2020 //DecisionQuest, a U.S. Legal Support Company, recently unveiled their newly redesigned website. The new user-friendly website highlights helpful resources including industry research, trends, webinars and insight into a wide range of trial services offered by DecisionQuest to help lawyers navigate every step of the litigation lifecycle.

A strategic trial consulting leader, DecisionQuest provides a full suite of jury research and consulting, legal graphics and trial technology services to law firms, major corporations and insurance companies nationwide. Founded in 1990, DecisionQuest has consulted on more than 20,000 high-risk trials, arbitrations and mediations, applying scientific research, methodology and the art of persuasion to help clients realize the best case scenario and make informed, critical decisions.  With more than 85 physical offices around the country, plus strategically placed graphic design hubs, DecisionQuest is equipped with the resources, regional teams and expertise to support your case anywhere, anytime. As more courts begin conducting remote trials in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, DecisionQuest has unparalleled experience in virtual trial preparation and strategy development. Trial services, including complete remote capabilities, include virtual case strategy and theme development sessions, online mock trials and focus groups, witness preparation for remote depositions, online jury research and surveys, social media research and analysis and more.

“We are extremely excited about the launch of the new site,” said Charles F. Schugart, CEO, U.S. Legal Support. “For decades, DecisionQuest has helped clients uncover actionable knowledge about the effectiveness of their cases along with developing persuasive legal graphics and providing robust trial technology to maximize effectiveness and gain a winning edge. The new site further highlights the industry-leading experience of our highly specialized teams of behavioral psychologists, attorneys and juror consultants.”

Included within the new site is a resources hub, featuring helpful industry information including nationwide jury research studies conducted with CaseXplorer® and JuryLive®. These tools are used to conduct online jury studies, mock trials and focus groups, by leveraging a pool of over 3,000,000 online surrogate jurors. This social science-based research provides early insight into risk assessment, giving you the ability to gauge jurors’ reactions to arguments in realtime and identify the concepts and approaches found to be most effective before and during trial. The ability to conduct these strategy exercises remotely saves clients thousands of dollars and countless hours.

The most recent nationwide survey uncovered juror attitudes in the age of the Coronavirus, including how concern about how the Coronavirus will significantly impact verdicts. Contact us to obtain a copy of these findings or to conduct a similar study for your upcoming trial.